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T H E   A R C


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The Arc is a container to assist your greatest expansion, to burrow into and live out your strongest, most important yearnings.


I assure you, you will fly.


But first, we will walk into the dark, from which the All is born.


And it is here that an Arc emerges.


Commit to your/the unknown. It is you, after all.


This offering is:

  • 3 sessions, each building from the last

  • A supportive image (channeled, painted, and mailed to you) that functions as a covenant for your work

  • Ongoing transformational support


I have been developing and refining this portal for several years and I share it with deep excitement for us both.

All are welcome!


Exchange: $760 (payment plans available)


Message me to begin~

"The Arc is a companion and a teacher -- a hand to hold along the journey of becoming. My eyes were cleared, my heart soothed, my purpose sharpened.


Simply and without exaggeration, The Arc changed my life."

- Katherine A., musician

“I have worked with Kat for many years, and there has always been deep unquestionable magic in our sessions. But doing The Arc tipped the scales.


To be able to deep dive, over the course of almost a year, with my guides and Kat’s wisdom, was such an utter gift. Kat’s witnessing and channeling brought such balm to an insanely stormy season of my life. If you are seeking sacred guidance and structure, The Arc is for you.”

-Victoria G., musician

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