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T H E   A R C


the arc_2_edited.png

The Arc is a container to assist your greatest expansion, to burrow into and live out your strongest, most important yearnings.


I assure you, you will fly.


But first, we will walk into the dark, from which the All is born.


And it is here that an Arc emerges.


Commit to your/the unknown. It is you, after all.


This offering is:

  • 3 sessions, each building from the last

  • A supportive image (channeled, painted, and mailed to you) that functions as a covenant for your work

  • Occasional text messages from your guides :)


I have been developing and refining this portal for several years and I share it with deep excitement for us both.

All are welcome!


Exchange: $650 (payment plans available)


Message me to begin~

"The Arc is a companion and a teacher -- a hand to hold along the journey of becoming. My eyes were cleared, my heart soothed, my purpose sharpened.


Simply and without exaggeration, The Arc changed my life."

- Katherine A., musician

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